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  • ​​​​Program Support
During the program, if you have any questions about academic materials please contact Laura Jacoby:
 Phone: (607) 255-0222

For support with Cornell email or general IT questions, please contact the Johnson Helpdesk
Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:30PM
(607) 255-6300
800‐847‐2082, option #6

For support with Queens portal and email or general IT questions, please contact the Queens Technology Helpdesk
Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00 PM
(613) 533-3072

  • Choose a primary email address
As an EMBAA student, you are given two email addresses (one from Cornell and one from Queen’s). While the program portal is the primary source of program information, email is still used and it is critical that you regularly monitor both email accounts. It is strongly recommended that you choose one to be your primary account and redirect the other school’s email to that account. This will ensure that you receive all email from both universities in one location. For more information on how to set your primary email account, please click HERE

  • Computer and Mobile Device Recommendations
While a laptop computer is required for your academic courses, many students find using a Smart Phone or mobile device at Johnson to be convenient; however, a mobile device is not required. For more information regarding computer and mobile devices click HERE.

  • Configure your laptop

Below are the steps to get you prepared for the start of your program. These instructions will point you to Cornell University required settings along with references to optional material that Johnson Technology Services suggests as best practices.

  • Install Antivirus Software: (Please note that Windows 10 users already have free Antivirus software installed called Microsoft Defender).


  • Install Microsoft Office
Johnson recommends using Microsoft Office 2016 with Windows 10. Microsoft Office is currently available for free to all registered Cornell students and can be downloaded here. The software will remain active as long as you are a registered student. Once you graduate, you will have the opportunity to keep using the software by paying a fee directly to Microsoft.

  • Recommended Apps and Tools for Collaboration
The following Apps are recommended for for assistance with accessing resources for classes:
Recommended Apps for Mobile Devices   
  1. YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view, and share videos.  During the program, many professors will share videos, examples, case studies, etc. that will be available via YouTube.
  2. Adobe Reader facilitates reading PDF documents.
  3. Google Drive is a free service that allows for sharing and collaboration on documents and other electronic files.
  4. Skype for Business allows for individual or group instant messaging (IM) plus video conversations with others using the same software. 
  5. Zoom is software used for tutorials, review sessions, and office hours offered by professors.  Each Cornell student will have an account with Zoom, and can use this software to conduct team meetings.


Collaboration Software: During the program, there will be numerous opportunities to collaborate with teammates and other members of the class on projects. Below are three software programs which can be used to share information. Click here to learn more about these tools available for Collaboration.

  • Qualtrics Survey Software
Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool provided free of charge for use by the Cornell community. Go to  to create your account. Access online training and support at the Qualtrics website by clicking here. For Additional Support please contact Margaret Shackell, at (607) 255-6054 or by email at

  • Zoom -- Cornell's Video Conference tool
Zoom is Cornell's web and video conferencing service. Zoom is provided free of charge for current faculty, staff, students, and affiliates at all Cornell campuses. Attendees of Zoom meetings do not need to be affiliated with Cornell.
For more information on accessing Zoom via the web, click HERE
For more information on using Zoom software on your laptop, click HERE
For more information on using Zoom on your tablet device, click HERE

  • Phishing Scams
Like many other large institutions, Cornell is not immune from phone, email, and other types of scams or phishing activities. You should be vigilant and not open suspicious emails. Another way to minimize contact with potential scammers is to ensure your cell phone number is not publicly viewable in the online Cornell Directory. For more information on current and past phishing threats, click HERE to visit Cornell's Phish Bowl.

  • Executive MBA Americas Portal
The portal is the primary source for all program information and should be visited frequently. It is where EMBAA students access program and course announcements, career management services, links to Cornell and Queen's resources, course information, and upload assignments.  Click HERE to be directed to the EMBAA Portal.